Nothing Is Certain… Except Uncertainty

Absquatulate (v.)- to leave without saying goodbye

Roller Coaster of Uncertainty

And all of the sudden there was that amazing use of the word “friend”.

“You’re such an amazing woman and friend.”

The back and forth gets hard sometimes.

Text leave you with nothing to do, but read in between the lines.

A Digital Detective with a specialty of deciphering hastily typed texts.

We’re on a roller coaster at times that gets referred to as a “fascinating ride”.

A ride that can take me on so many loops of emotion in just a 24 hr shot.

Depending on the depths of the drop my stomach can plummet and rock.

Depending on the height of the climb, it can send shivers up my spine.

There’s beauty in the uncertainty is what I am told.

If I am honest with myself it’s really the beauty behind those eyes that keeps me in that seat.

It’s the laughter and charm that keeps me near even with fear.

However, it’s the love from that beautiful heart that keeps me on the this Roller Coaster of Uncertainty.